Dirty Bird Rub


Elevate your roast chicken game with Aldergrills Dirty Bird Rub, a savoury blend of herbs and spices inspired by cherished family meals. Infuse your poultry dishes with a delightful smoky-savoury flavour and a hint of gentle heat that will leave everyone wanting more.

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Introducing Aldergrills Dirty Bird Rub, a loving tribute to those cherished flavours that bring warmth and joy to the table. Our carefully crafted blend of spices and herbs, including paprika, thyme, oregano, and a hint of chilli and pepper, creates a beautiful harmony of earthy-smoky goodness with a gentle touch of heat, ensuring each bite is a symphony of flavours that will leave your taste buds singing.

Just a sprinkle of our Dirty Bird Rub is all it takes to infuse your poultry dishes with layers of savory deliciousness, reminiscent of family gatherings and shared moments of joy.

Crafted with love and expertise, Aldergrills Dirty Bird Rub is more than just a seasoning – it’s a journey back to the heartwarming memories of home-cooked meals and the anticipation of that perfect roast chicken. Add a touch of magic to your kitchen and let the flavours of Aldergrills Dirty Bird Rub create culinary masterpieces that will bring smiles to every face around your table.

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